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Bulbs, Iris & Lilies


Allium unifolium  One-leaf Onion  Coast Ranges 
One of the most striking of the California native onions, Allium unifolium produces dense heads of clear pink flowers from late Spring to mid-Summer. It is found in the wild only in the Coast Ranges. The long, thick rhizomes that grow annually from these bulbs are very unusual for North American species (also happens with A. glandulosum and A. rhizomatum, which are nonetheless not closely related). 
(30)  2" rose pot   2.00 
(3)  six-pack   7.00 

Exotic Edible Species


herb: Allium tuberosum  Garlic Chives, herb   
Chives are a wonderful herb native to the Eurasian continent. The leaves have a sweet onion taste that is a great accent for many culinary dishes. Easy to grow in the ground or container the neat rich green foliage makes a lovely border or addition to your herb garden. Both leaves and flower are edible and they like a well draining and fertile soil. You can pinch the flower buds for more leaf production and if leaves look ragged in winter they can be cut back to the ground and will grow back in the spring.  
(5)  1/2 gal   6.00 

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