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Exotic Edible Species


fruit: Apple 'Gala'  Gala Apple, fruit   
GALA Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Skin is reddish-orange over yellow. Fruit is crips, nice blend of sweetness and tartness, rich flavor. Adapted to cold and warm-winter climates. Good pollenizer for other apples. 500 hrs or less. Self-fruitful and ripens in Aug., 2-3 weeks before Red Delicious. 
(2)  5 gal   57.00 

fruit: Apple 'Gravenstein'  Gravenstein Apple, fruit   
GRAVENSTEIN Popular for sauce and baking, also used fresh. Crisp, juicy, flavorful, tart. Fruit is large, round to slightly flattened, with greenish yellow, thin skin with red stripes. Pollenizer required: Fuji, Gala Red Delicious. 500 hrs. ripens late July/early August. 
(2)  5 gal   57.00 

fruit: Apple 'Honeycrisp'  Honeycrisp Apple, fruit   

Bloom Color White

Bloom Time Mid - Late

Chill Hours 800

Fruit Color Red

Fruit Size Large

Ripens/Harvest Early September

Shade/Sun Full Sun

Soil Composition Loamy

Soil Moisture Well Drained

Soil pH Level 6.0 - 7.0

Taste Excellent, Sweet

Texture Crisp, Juicy

Years to Bear 2 - 5

Zone Range 3 - 6

Pollination Self-Fruitful 

(2)  5 gal   57.00 

fruit: Apple 'Yellow Newton Pippin'  Yellow Newton Pippin Apple, fruit   
 Estimated Chilling Requirement
    700 hours below 45°F
    USDA Plant Hardiness Zones
    5 - 9
    Harvest Season within fruit type
    Harvest Dates
    October 5 to November 5
    (approximate for Hickman, CA)
(2)  5 gal   57.00 

Fruit: Pineapple Tomatillo  Pineapple Tomatillo, fruit   
(4)  4" pot   8.00 

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