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Native Perennials


Artemisia 'Silver Surfer'  Mugwort   
Wide silver-leafed hybrid of A. douglasiana, sukdorfii and ludoviciana. Mugwort is usually found at streamsides, often well above the stream in loose clumps offering soft fragrant foliage among the Roses, Wildryes and Snowberry. Mugwort has many traditional medicinal uses.  
(3)  1 gal   12.00 

Artemisia dranunculus.  Tarragon  Sunol 
Local form of this circumboreal herb. AKA Wormwood. 
(1)  2 gal   18.00 
(4)  1 gal   10.00 

Artemisia pycnocephala 'David's Choice'  Beach Sagewort   
Very reliable in garden conditions, low grower with silver leaves and no fragrance, flowers inconspicuous but foliage gorgeous. Prefers sun and sandy soil. 
(7)  4" pot   6.00 

Native Shrubs


Artemisia californica 'Canyon Gray'  Coastal Sage   
Evergreen shrub. This is the ground hugging form. Very fragrant greyish-blue foliage. Full sun. Coastal scrub. 
(32)  1 gal   12.00 
(2)  5" tree band   6.00 

Artemisia californica 'Montara'  Coastal Sage  Montara mt 
A medium-sized ground-hugging form of the fragrant evergreen shrub for full sun in coastal conditions.  
(1)  5 gal   0.00 

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