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Carex pansa

Native Grasses


Carex pansa  Dune Sedge   
1-2999 plugs - $1.75 each
3000 plugs - $1.45 each
One of the most popular sedges for creating an alternative lawn. More of a wild meadow, it looks best unmowed with water twice per month, but trimming with weed whacker twice or thrice per year keeps it more tidy. Click the photo for pictures of a wild stand on a coastal bluff and a planted inland meadow. Up to 18" tall but floppy & soft. Works well for irrigated rooftop gardens. A David Amme selection. 1.5 plugs per square foot at 10-inch triangular spacing for good one season coverage; planting a larger size will allow wider spacing. Also read this indepth article by David Amme. For shipping, please add one shipping box (see below) per 200 plugs; this is 3-day UPS and it can't ship over the weekend, so orders will go out Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.  
(2)  shipping box   40.00 
(17)  tray deposit   5.00 
(345)  plug   1.75 
(11)  4" pot   5.00 
(35)  plug   2.00 

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