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Native Perennials


Eriogonum parvifolium  Cliff Buckwheat  Moss Landing 
Compact pink or whitish-flowered species. 
(21)  1 gal   14.00 

Eriogonum fasciculatum   California Buckwheat   
A buckwheat with silvery leaves, this drought-tolerant plant attracts legions of birds, bees, butterflies, and other beneficial wildlife. The Jepson Manual calls it an important honey plant. 
(6)  1 gal   16.00 

Eriogonum grande rubescens  Rosy Buckwheat  San Miguel Island 
Similar in form to our local coast buckwheat but with beautiful rosy colored flowers. Easy care for sunny well drained spots to 12 inches high and 2 feet wide. 
(1)  1 gal   15.00 

Eriogonum latifolium  Coast Buckwheat   
Our common local low growing species. Great for butterfly nectar! Brown seed heads add interest through late summer. 
(121)  2" rose pot   3.00 

Native Shrubs


Eriogonum arborescens  Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat   
This large wild buckwheat grows to six feet tall in full exposure to sun, storm, sea air, and drought. A heavy bloomer with handsome silvery leaves, it makes a bold statement of beauty and self-reliance in the garden. 
(3)  1 gal   15.00 

Eriogonum giganteum  St. Catherine's Lace   
A giant wild buckwheat that supports all manner of butterflies and birds, St. Catherine's Lace grows wild on the Channel Islands but loves San Francisco weather and can reach 5 to 6 feet tall in full sun under conditions of total drought and neglect. Great source of cut flowers throughout the summer. 
(1)  5 gal   48.00 

Eriogonum nudum  Naked Buckwheat  Marin 
Dainty pink flowered local species. 
(1)  1 gal   12.00 

Eriogonum nudum  Naked Buckwheat  Oaktown 
Dainty pink flowered local species. 
(3)  1 gal   14.00 

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