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Exotic Edible Species


fruit: Apple 'Golden Dorsett' Espalier  Golden Dorsett Apple, fruit   
Smallish fruited subtropical variety, evergreen in The Bahamas where the variety originated as a seedling from a Golden Delicious. Lowest chill, it will even work in a foggy neighborhood. Forms lots of fruiting spurs and fruits so heavily that it doesn't have time to grow large. Can make 3 crops a year.
    Estimated Chilling Requirement
    100 hours below 45F
    USDA Plant Hardiness Zones
    5 - 10
    Bloom Season within fruit type(see note)
    very early
    Harvest Season within fruit type
    very early
    Harvest Dates
    June 25 to July 10
    (approximate for Hickman, CA)
(1)  24" box   350.00 

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