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Festuca rubra

Native Grasses


Festuca rubra 'Molate Blue'  Molate Blue Fescue  Point Molate, Richmond 
This is the registered cultivar from Conservaseed. It is a more uniform, bunchy fescue which develops a silvery blue color with drought. Better winter growth, more blue, taller. 
(97)  tray deposit   5.00 

Festuca rubra 'Point Molate'  Molate Fescue  Point Molate, Richmond 
The Point Molate form of red fescue is more drought tolerant than typical Red Fescue, more silvery blue colored with a bit wider, more upright leaf and starts growing earlier in the winter rather than waiting for spring. This is an excellent lawn alternative. Looks better tall so if you mow, do it in March when it can still recover for a natural look. 
(85)  shipping box   40.00 
(7)  1 gal   14.00 
(50)  plug   2.00 
(5)  3" rose pot   5.00 

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