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Native Shrubs


Heteromeles arbutifolia  Toyon   
One of California's most deeply emblematic species, Toyon is a large shrub to medium tree with evergreen foliage, a big white bloom in summer, and abundant red berries in December (hence the alternative common name "Christmas Berry"). Excellent as a hedgerow or other screen, but also wonderful as a specimen plant or focal point in the garden. One of the best native species to attract birds and other beneficial wildlife. Here's a detailed discussion of Toyon. 
(1)  15 gal   200.00 
(6)  1 gal   16.00 
(1)  5 gal   45.00 

Heteromeles arbutifolia 'Davis Gold'  Toyon   
Yellow-berried form of Toyon. 
(1)  5 gal   60.00 

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