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Native Shrubs


Symphoricarpos albus 'Tilden Park'  'Tilden Park' Snowberry  Tilden Park 
Such an adaptable plant, this small shrub is perfect for filling in the background, but actually very charming in the foreground too. Foliage looks shimmering and delicate, yet stands up to tough conditions. Deciduous. 
(19)  1 gal   14.00 

Symphoricarpos mollis  Creeping Snowberry   
Local species, low growing ground cover. 
(1)  15 gal   75.00 

Symphoricarpos mollis var. acutus   Trailing Snowberry   
This northern & Sierra species has a very spreading habit and a little different look with a pointy leaf (AKA Sharp-leaf Snowberry) and red stems in a flat laying fishbone pattern. This is a vigorous spreader with six-foot trailing shoots, give it room. 
(1)  7 gal   0.00 

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