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Vaccinium ovatum

Native Shrubs


berry: Vaccinium ovatum 'Thunderbird'  Evergreen Huckleberry, fruit   
Succulent winedark berries (reputedly the tastiest of all native berries) emerging from the distinctive vase-shaped ericaceous flower, and luscious red new foliage maturing into deep shades of green -- behold the textural symphony of California huckleberry. Extremely adaptable to sun or shade, water or drought, wind or fog, this is a long favorite of savvy gardeners. Try planting it in an old tree stump, and watch it propsper! You'll need two plants to cross-pollinate and set fruit and they fruit more in the sun. 'Thunderbird' is a clone with a heavy berry crop, growing to 6'. 
(2)  1 gal   15.00 

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