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Native Shrubs


berry: Amelanchier alnifolia 'Martin'  Serviceberry   
Deciduous shrub to small tree with showy white flowers in spring, tasty fruit in summer. This cultivar is selected for the quality of it's edible fruit. 
(3)  1 gal   12.00 

berry: Ribes aureum var. gracillimum  Golden Currant   
This one needs some shade and/or moisture and can have a more upright form than the similar R. quercetorum. Three to six feet tall and six feet wide. Native from Riverside to the South Bay. Doesn't like wind or extreme heat. The best currant for edible berries.  
(2)  5 gal   45.00 

berry: Vaccinium x 'Southmoon'  Southmoon Southern High Bush Blueberry, fruit   
One of the best for mild-winter areas, a low-chill selection perfect for small gardens or large patio tubs. Blue-green foliage and showy pink to white flowers provide ornamental value, followed by an abundant crop of fruit. Self fruiting, but yields best when planted with another variety. Recommended winter chill: 150 hours. Semi-evergreen. -Monrovia 
(1)  5 gal   50.00 

Exotic Edible Species


berry: Fragaria 'Merlan'  Merlan Strawberry   
(1)  1 gal   12.00 

berry: Fragaria ananassa 'Elan'  Elan Strawberry   
(4)  1/2 gal   8.00 

berry: Rubus idaeus 'Fall Gold'  Fall Gold Raspberry   
(2)  1 gal   12.00 

berry: Vitis vinifera  Wine Grape, berry   
Rarely available reclaimed 40-year-old wine grape vines. 
(3)  24" box   400.00 

berry: Vitis vinifera 'Interlaken'  'Interlaken' Green Table Grape, berry   
Seedless Green Table Grape that is early ripening, so good for our cool climate. 
(1)  1 gal   10.00 

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