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Firewood  Firewood   
Firewood bundles are 1 cubic foot California almond wood that burns at 33 mbtu/cord. Live Oak does 37 but costs more, may not be sustainably harvested and doesn't taste/smell as good for cooking. This is the same premium Lazzari boxed firewood you see at Whole Foods but those boxes are 0.7 cubic feet, 27lbs for $13, ours are a full cubic foot, 38lbs for $12. Lowes has .75 cubic foot bundles of fast burning Canadian conifer wood for $5.50 at maybe 20 mbtu/cord and 1 cubic foot bundles of fragrant smokey pinion from New Mexico for $10 at about 27 mbtu/cord.

We don't deliver, so you'll have to load it yourself for 1/2 cords, 1/4 cords & 1/8 cords. A half cord weighs 2,275lbs, somewhat more than a 1-ton pickup's capacity, many pickups are 1/2 ton capacity.

Here's a good reference for bbq woods and another. Here's a good data reference.

We also have lots of grape wood, which is fast burning, hot and forms perfect coals with exquisite flavor for barbeque. That's what we use for our famous smoked homegrown chilies. $12 for a 5 gallon bucket.

Bulk Pricing:
(cost of individual 1 CF bundles)
64 CF in a half cord $325 ($768)
32 CF in a quarter cord $200 ($384)
16 CF in an eighth of a cord $125 ($192)
8 CF in an sixteenth of a cord $80 ($96)
4 CF ($48)  
(981)  1 cu.ft.   12.00 
(1)  1/2 cord   325.00 
(93)  1/16 cord   80.00 
(1)  1/2 cord   339.00 
(1)  1 cord   458.00 
(4)     1.00 
(5)  1 cu.ft.   6.00 

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