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Native Shrubs


Garrya elliptica  Silk Tassel  San Bruno Mountain 
Cuttings taken from a known male. 
(2)  5 gal   0.00 

Garrya elliptica 'Evie'  Silk Tassel 'Evie'   
Evergreen shrub that grows more vertical to 10 or 20 feet and can be kept fairly narrow. Evie's flowers are a bit shorter than the James Roof selection but the flowers are more abundant and it has more compact foliage. 
(3)  5 gal   40.00 

Garrya elliptica 'James Roof'  James Roof Silk Tassel   
The long-tasseled form most prized by horticulture, named for one of the greatest champions of the Franciscan flora. Very similar to shrubby oaks for most of the year, Garrya puts on a show every January with a big winter bloom hanging from its branches like the silk tassels on graduates' caps. 
(1)  15 gal   150.00 
(1)  7 gal   65.00 
(1)  5 gal   35.00 

Native Trees


Quercus garryana breweri  brewers white oak   
Dwarf form of the White oak; reaches 15' high and wide, very slow growing. Great for a bird garden. Beautiful dark green/grey leaves which turn yellow in the fall; this variety is deciduous. Drought tolerant; takes full to part sun, likes well drained soil.  
(8)  2 gal   27.00 

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