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Native Perennials


herb: Anthriscus cere. Vertissimo  Chervil, herb   
Subtle anise flavored parsley - important in French cooking - a crucial component of Fines Herbes (pronounced: feen ZAIRBS) used with ommlettes, chicken - things with short cooking time and on salads: parsley, chives, and a little chervil and tarragon. 
(6)  4" pot   5.00 

Native Shrubs


herb: Lepechinia fragrans  Island Pitcher Sage  So. Cal. 
Fragrant furry upright plant with big floppy leaves and white to lavender pitcher flowers. Good as culinary seasoning. Can be pruned severely often to keep a form. Likes rocky soils. 
(20)  1 gram   0.25 

Exotic Edible Species


herb: Aloe vera  True Aloe, herb   
(8)  1 gal   12.00 
(2)  2 gal   35.00 

herb: Borago officionalis  Borage, herb   
Brilliant blue flowers attract pollinators and add a cucumber flavor to salads and drinks. 
(2)  2" rose pot   2.00 
(1)  1/2 gal   7.00 

herb: Chives  Chives, herb   
Chives are a wonderful herb native to the Eurasian continent. The leaves have a sweet onion taste that is a great accent for many culinary dishes. Easy to grow in the ground or container the neat rich green foliage makes a lovely border or addition to your herb garden. Both leaves and flower are edible and they like a well draining and fertile soil. You can pinch the flower buds for more leaf production and if leaves look ragged in winter they can be cut back to the ground and will grow back in the spring.  
(14)  3" rose pot   3.00 
(1)  six-pack   4.00 

herb: Cilantro, Santo  Santo Cilantro, herb   
(8)  4" pot   5.00 
(39)  six-pack   1.00 

herb: Dill  Dill, herb   
This herb is an important ingredient in pickling, and is also used in soup stocks, salads, and to season fish. Tasty and has a nice, homey fragrance.  
(1)  3" rose pot   4.00 

herb: French Tarragon  French Tarragon, herb   
AKA Wormwood. Exotic spice used in a variety of dishes including chicken fish or eggs to bring a unique taste to the table. Likes heat and well drained soil, very drought tolerant needs some protection in the winter if in wet conditions.  
(9)  1/2 gal   6.00 

herb: Italian Marjoram  Italian Marjoram, herb   
Milder version of Oregano.  
(5)  1 gal   8.00 
(2)  2 gal   10.00 

herb: Italian Oregano  Italian Oregano, herb   
Italian cooking spice, use dried or fresh in a variety of dishes, especially pasta's and pasta sauce. Grows best in hot slightly dry conditions with well drained soil. Does very well in gardens as well as in planter boxes  
(1)  2 gal   18.00 
(3)  1/2 gal   3.00 

herb: Large-leaf Italian Basil  Large-leaf Italian Basil, herb   
This is a wonderful herb for any home garden, can be grown indoors or out. Italian Basil has a tasty leaf that is used in many culinary dished and is one of the main ingredients in pesto. Basil needs full sun in light, well drained soil with plenty of water. you can encourage bushy growth by topping the plant and pinching the flowers heads off before they bloom.  
(10)  3" rose pot   3.00 

Exotic Edible Species continued...


herb: Parsley 'Italian Dark Single'  Italian Dark Single Parsley, herb   
Great herb for the kitchen garden, used in many Italian dishes and as a garnish to cleanse the palate between courses. Parsley wants to be in full sun with moist rich soil. Easily grown in a window or in the ground. Pinch back flowers to encourage more leaves with a sweeter taste.  
(4)  3" rose pot   3.00 
(26)  2" rose pot   2.00 

herb: Stevia rebaudiana  South American Sweetleaf, herb   
A 2-3 foot shrubby herb found in South America, likes hot moist conditions. Used as Dietary supplement and sugar alternative in many countries. Extremely sweet (taste can linger in mouth for some time) has very little effect on blood sugar and is calorie free. Use leaves fresh or make a concentrate. 
(3)  2 gal   8.00 

herb: Thymus vulgaris  English Thyme, herb   
An extremely versatile herb which can be used in almost any dish to add a light and fresh note. Grow in well drained soil in full to part shade, tolerates poor soil and does well both in-doors (next to a window) and in planters. Do not over water  
(5)  1 gal   20.00 
(11)  3" rose pot   6.00 

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