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Native Perennials


Lupinus arboreus  Yellow Bush Lupine   
Fast-growing short-lived shrub to five feet with profuse yellow bloom. Reseeds easily in the garden and fixes nitrogen in the soil to the benefit of neighboring plants. 
(8)  seed   5.00 
(0)  1 gal   12.00 

Lupinus bicolor     
Annual, small species. 
(0)  1/8 oz. seed   6.00 
(3)  1 oz. seed   30.00 
(1)  1/2 oz seed   20.00 
(0)  2" rose pot   3.00 
(1)  seed   100.00 
status: 1/4th lb 

Lupinus formosus  Summer Lupine  Yolo Co. 
Medium low spreading perennial with felty green leaves & showy flowers, this species tolerates hot inland conditions. Mission Blue caterpillars will use this species though they prefer L. albifrons, then L. variicolor. 
(21)  3" rose pot   6.00 
(12)  1 gal   12.00 
status: potted up 6-16-14 

Lupinus variicolor  Many-colored Lupine  San Francisco 
A true local champion, this easy perennial groundcover for full sun grows wild on the grassy slopes and exposed peaks of Bernal Hill, Twin Peaks, Mount Davidson, Bayview Hill, and other natural areas of San Francisco. Feathery blue-green foliage and bountiful blue blossoms throughout spring and summer. This bumblebee and butterfly magnet is a specialized host for the endangered Mission Blue butterfly.  
(0)  3" rose pot   7.00 
status: potted up 3-24-14 
(0)  1/2 gal   10.00 
status: potted up 7-7-14 

Native Shrubs


Lupinus albifrons  Silver Lupine   
The caterpillar food plant of San Francisco's rare and endangered Mission Blue butterfly, Silver Lupine grows 3-4 feet tall with feathery silver foliage and a heavy summer bloom of bright blue blossoms. A proven favorite for low maintenance, wildlife attraction, and unparalleled beauty. 
(0)  5 gal   35.00 
(2)  1 gal   12.00 
status: potted up 6-22-14 - small 

Lupinus albifrons var. collinus  Silver Lupine  Alameda County 
This is the low-growing form of Silver Bush Lupine, found on Twin Peaks and other open spaces in San Francisco, another host plant for the endangered Mission Blue butterfly. 
(9)  1 gal   12.00 

Lupinus chamissonis  Chamisso's lupine   
This sand-lover grows natively at Baker Beach in the Presidio and elsewhere in the dunes and strands of coastal California. 4' tall with silvery leaves and profuse flowers of soft violet to blue. 
(0)  3" rose pot   6.00 

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