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After the First Full Moon in April

A Sourcebook of Herbal Medicine from a California Indian Elder

In this extraordinary book Josephine Peters, a respected northern California Indian elder and Native healer, shares her vast, lifelong cultural and plant knowledge. The book begins with Josephine's "[Peters's] herbal knowledge extends beyond medicine to food, basket making, technology in general, firewood, aesthetics, myths, and all of life. She shares her knowledge and thoughts with expert help from Ortiz, a leader in the California Native scholarly world. Peters's knowledge is highly eclectic, drawing not only on all the groups around her but also on southern Californian Native plant knowledge, Mexican traditions, and even Chinese herbal medicine (via some Chinese neighbors in northwestern California). This book is extremely valuable for showing the full extent of the knowledge of one such healer and for anyone interested in herbal medicine and food, Native Californian traditions, or a read about a fascinating individual.

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Check availability of After at the nursery