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Grape Wood

Large 14 year old grape vines from a Sonoma vineyard. Hand peeled and treated to preserve the rich brown color of the inner bark. Normally you will only see short branch sections available and they are sand blasted down to the white wood. Root wood with a similar character was popular in ancient Asia for contemplation on a scholar's table.

2'-3" wide, 2'-6" tall, tung oil

2' wide, 3' tall, tung oil

5'-9" long, 1'-1" tall, tung oil

8'-6" wide, 4' tall, tung oil

3' table top, 3'-2" tall, bar stool height, goat chewed bark,aged grey, then tung oil.

11' wide, 4' tall, paraffin sealed

7'-6" wide, 4' tall, tung oil

8'-3" wide, 5' tall, not cleaned or trimmed

1'-4" wide, 3' tall, 11" round base, stained redwood color

1'-6" wide, 2'-2" tall, 1'-2" deep as a wall hanging, tung oil

1'-5" long, 1' wide, paraffin wax sealed

Check availability of Grape Wood at the nursery
Check availability of Grape at the nursery