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Mimulus cultivars

Bush Monkeyflower

There are endless hybrid variations on the drought tolerant Bush Monkeyflowers. We don't focus too much on these, tending to carry the straight local wild form, though we do usually have some of the hybrid cultivars, intermittently.

detailed discussion of Bush Monkeyflowers in cultivation


'Jelly Bean White'

'Jelly Bean White'


Mimulus puniceus, San Diego

Mimulus 'Firecracker' has smaller, tighter blossoms of a huskier hue.

The luscious red flower of Mimulus 'Salsa.'

A delectable cultivar of sticky monkey flower, Mimulus "Cream' gives a bounty of buttery white flowers throughout the summer. Loves full sun and little water; requires good drainage.

Check availability of Mimulus cultivars at the nursery
Check availability of Mimulus at the nursery