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Unique hand made Creations

For children.


One-octave Xylophone A unique design with the sharps staggered into the naturals rather than two rows. The pegs at the nodal points of least vibration mark the adjacent center striking points. This was all salvaged materials: Sapele wood, brass plumbing scraps for the resonators and stainless steel rock anchors for legs. 14"x 15" x 12"

Unique hand made xylophone - one octave E4 thru E5 plus a bonus low D#. Keys are some kind of rosewood left over from a guitar fretboard project. Pegs and rests are neoprene. Frame is recycled lumber. 18" x 10" x 25"

1.3 octave Xylophone - I found more East Indian Rosewood and added low keys so it spans E4 to A5 and expanded the resonators, tapering out wider. This is my favorite xylophone, it's not for sale.

At left is a one octave instrument (sold) in G major with Sapele wood - African Mahogany with rough full 1x doug fir resonators calculated for the fifth 2 octaves lower. Result of a mix-up but works well.

To the right a one octave instrument from A to A with all the sharps staggered in. The keys are made with East Indian Rosewood - Dalbergia latifolia we bought as 3/4"x3/4"x6' rot resistant plant stakes. This one is every bit as good as the larger one using much smaller keys and resonators due to the wood's beautiful tonality.

In back is a one octave set of Sapele keys originally designed for the one at right but much quiteter so I tossed them on a test resonator.

Check availability of Xylophones at the nursery
Check availability of at the nursery