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- excluding eggs, art, most fruit trees and houseplants


- exotic edibles excluding fruit trees

Sale effective immediately, until we are swamped with customers.

Change is underway at Bay Natives

Paul is now sole proprietor and Geoff is focusing on his landscape business at Madrono full time. We want to bring in more subtenants to share the space and broaden the offerings. We have long been hoping to bring in a cafe vendor and we even have permitted plans for that. We have a new designer, Carol on the team helping the look of the store and putting together a houseplant section as well as vintage art in the gift shop/office. We are also working with Lorraine from Sea Scavenger on bringing in more urban homesteading products like chicken feed, beekeeping, canning and eventually farm stands with fresh produce. We welcome artists to sell their outdoor work on consignment and even sublet small areas for outdoor studio space and landscapers/tradespeople. We welcome non-profit organizations as well. Your organization can have events here. We are a very kid friendly destination and aim to expand things a lot more on that front working with Andy, who brings many talents and much enthusiasm. We want to build a community. Spread the word!

And, we just hatched 3 chicken eggs with 13 more in the incubator, so come see the adorable baby chicks. That makes 20 chickens now, and they are free ranging on the nursery grounds.

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Check availability of at the nursery