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Wake Robin

Trilliums are probably my very favorite flower. In San Francisco, they have been very easy to grow, in Oakland they will crisp up & die from the heat though I've also seen them growing wild in the shade of Oaks in the Oakland Hills. They are typically characteristic of Redwood forests in California though various species occur across the US and a few are native to Asia. The San Francisco Bay area is the type locality for T. chloropetalum, presumably chloropetalum refers to green-petaled flowers though that is quite unusual, some of the local forms are almost chocolate brown or lipstick red.

Propagation from seed takes several years to reach blooming size. It took me 8 years to get flowers from T. ovatum seeds though I should have probably fertilized them in pots. Here's what the bare root divisions look like. -Paul

Trillium albidum with a bit of a greenish tinge, it will fade to a pure white. Distinguished from chloropetalum by the greenish yellow anthers and ovary, choloropetalum should always have purple anthers and ovary and albidum always greenish anthers and ovary according to the Jepson Manual

Trillium ovatum
"The wake-robin in the vanguard of our spring flowers, and a walk into some high, cold cañon while the days are still dark and short will be amply rewarded by the finding of it's wite and peculularly pure-looking blossoms standing apon the bank overlooking the streamlet. The blossoms remain unchanged for a time, and then, as they fade, turn to a deep purplish rose color."
-from:'The Wildflowers of California', Parsons, 1897

Trillium ovatum, note the flower is raised on a stem, not like the sessile chloropetalum and albidum.

Trillium albidum is the yellowish white one, the others are chloropetalum. The size and form are otherwise similar.

Trillium chloropetalum

Trillium chloropetalum, the color seems to depend on the soil. These are all divisions from the same plant though I've got some seedlings going now.

Trillium chloropetalum

Trillium ovatum

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