People have the power

The power to dream, to rule

To wrestle the world from fools

It's decreed, the people rule

Listen, I believe everything we dream

Can come to pass through our union

We can turn the world around

We can turn the earth's revolution

People have the power

-Patti Smith, 1988

I've never gone public like this on politics for the 53 years I've been alive but seriously:

Donald Trump is dangerous and needs to be removed.

He is behaving like a 3rd world dictator and there is every reason to believe he will follow through with that.

He has dedicated his life to lying and cheating people and getting into frightening irresponsible debt, and I think we can count on that pattern continuing. He has absolutely no sense of morality whatsoever.

He appeals to people by playing their fears (understanding their sense of injustice) but he has never done anything to help anyone but himself and will readily stab anyone in the back at a moment's notice. The apparent compassion is pure manipulation.

The whole premise of his campaign was to help the middle and working class regain their power but he has never done any such thing - he is all about enriching the 1% and he has always been, and he will not be changing. Look at his billionaire cabinet appointments - who thinks those people care about the common man? He knows the common man's pain and he manipulates them with that knowledge.

This is not an ordinary case of of disagreeing about politics. This man is insane and we are on the precipice of evil collapsing 150 years of democracy. This is way beyond any sort of ordinary situation. Fight now for the sake of humanity!