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Native Shrubs


Prunus illicifolia  Islais Cherry   
This wonderful and local species (see the old-school population on San Francisco's Bayview Hill) grows evergreen up to 12 feet or more, making a lovely and hardy, bird-friendly, drought-tolerant hedge. 
(1)  1 gal   14.00 
(4)  5 gal   25.00 

Prunus illicifolia ssp. lyonii  Catalina Cherry   
From the Channel Islands, a tall, robust form of the Islais cherry. Grows to 40 feet or more. Large and dark and shiny leaves and long panicles of white flowers on this Catalina Island native tree. Birds love the berries. 
(6)  5 gal   55.00 

Prunus virginiana ssp. demissa  Western Chokecherry   
Showy pollinator-friendly flowers & fruit for the birds on a deciduous shrub. Found near ravines where there is a little more groundwater. 
(1)  7 gal   50.00 

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