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Chicken Feed

Local Organic non-GMO Chicken Feed

Standard layer pellets for adult egg laying birds. No corn or soy means non-GMO is practical. Added vitamins, seasonings and herbs make this mix delectable and healthy for your flock. Young birds don't need the calcium in this mix and prefer ground pellets (crumbles). We could special order starter/grower blends but this is the basic adult egg-laying hen food you want. Fresh quality local organic feed makes for the best eggs, happiest chickens and a sustainable operation.

Sourced from Modesto Milling an old school local coop. Forget about Purina's 'Organic Pride' - you can't trust that.

Whole Grain Layer Feed

Comparable organic non-GMO ingredients as with our basic layer pellets, this product is intended to be fermented as silage for optimal nutrition with rich pro-biotics or ground fresh weekly. Once the seed is ground, it begins oxidizing so whole grain is the most fresh and healthy. Some flocks will be happy to crack the whole grains. Provide adequate grit in that case. Another way to increase the nutritional/cost value is to sprout the grains.

Lacto-fermenting is fairly simple; just cover with rainwater(1) or bottled water for a few days or aged tap water (a week or two to eliminate the chloramines) and allow the lacto-fermentation to convert the sugars into lactic acid while preserving and even increasing protien, vitamins and enzymes, improving digestibility: beneficial pro-biotics. The same as sauerkraut - easy and safe. In a few days the feed will smell like fresh sauerkraut and your chickens will devour it.

Use this exclusively and your chicken's shit won't stink, supposedly ...or use it periodically for a healthy treat.

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(1) The sunflower seeds will float but you want to keep it all below water level to prevent mold with something like a French press coffee device. I cut some flexible plastic sheeting to fit a bucket with a rock strapped on top for weight and drilled holes for the filter.

Here's an interesting article about feeding whole grain to chickens and about chicken feed in general.

Check availability of Chicken Feed at the nursery
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