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Gilia capitata

Nectaring Umber Skipper - Poanes melane

Jeffrey Caldwell - Biologist and Horticulturist (blog) wrote:

I have been compiling lists of specific species of butterflies visiting specific native flowers. This makes 13 butterfly species for globe gilia, an excellent species for attracting butterflies, besides being beautiful and easy-to-grow -- an under-used plant for gardens! I'm pretty sure my butterfly list for Gilia capitata is not complete!

Besides being great for butterflies, Gilia capitata has enough value for bees to be recommended for bee gardens. In a 2003 study in a Berkeley bee garden, it got occasional visits by both honeybees and native bees. Native bees attracted to globe gilia included common leaf-cutters, Andrenids and very small native bees. Globe gilia is sort of a keystone species for pollinators, besides being an easy and beautiful flower for the garden.

Check availability of Gilia capitata at the nursery
Check availability of Gilia at the nursery