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Rhododendron occidentale

Western Azalea

A secret treasure from the sunny margins of the redwood forest and other moist environments, the western azalea has the most fragrant flowers of any rhododendron we know. This is the most garden-tolerant of California native Rhododendrons, ranking among the most valuable in horticulture for the timing of the bloom (it flowers later than most other spp.) and the sweet fragrance of its blossoms. Nears 15 feet tall at maturity; spectacular bloom through spring and summer; winter deciduous. Needs partial shade; happiest when peeking into southeastern sun from the margins of a redwood forest.

These first few are a Mount Tam selection.

Specimen from Oregon. -sold

The huge old specimen.

Specimen from Oregon. -sold

Specimen from Oregon. -sold

From a Santa Cruz nursery, sold.

From a huge old specimen at our historic San Francisco growing grounds. We are propagating this one.
It might be from Stagecoach Hill --the original owners were Rhododendron experts, but they didn't leave behind any records.

Check availability of Rhododendron occidentale at the nursery
Check availability of Rhododendron at the nursery