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Native Shrubs


Rhamnus californica 'Leatherleaf'  Coffeeberry  Montara Mountain 
This coffeeberry's distinctive large dark leathery leaves resemble a Rhododendron. Sun or shade, 6' evergreen goodness! 
(1)  2 gal   0.00 

Rhamnus californica 'Mound San Bruno'  Coffeeberry  San Mateo Co. 
Smaller leaves and a more dense compact habit than the common wild form. 3-7 feet high (perhaps double that) and wider than tall. 
(1)  10 gal   100.00 

Rhamnus californica 'Seaview'  Dwarf Coffeeberry   
Low growing form to 2 feet high and twice as wide. 
(7)  1 gal   14.00 

Rhamnus californica.  Coffeeberry  Windy Hill 
Taller variety of the local coffeeberry. 
(1)  2 gal   27.00 
(3)  5 gal   40.00 

Rhamnus purshiana  Cascara Sagrada   
Large deciduous shrub to 15' or small tree to 30' with handsome leaves reminiscent of Alders, inconspicuous flowers which are attractive to butterflies and berries that birds relish. 
(1)  7 gal   85.00 

Rhamnus tomentella  Hoary Coffeeberry  East Bay 
6-8 ft tall evergreen shrub with blue-green leaves. does best with weekly summer watering or deep source of moisture. lovely contrast with R. californica. 
(1)  1 gal   15.00 

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