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Native Trees


Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp. asplenifolius  Fernleaf Catalina Ironwood   
20-30 foot tall, 15 feet wide tree with red peeling bark and large thick fern-like leaves. Large clusters of flat-topped white flowers in early summer. 
(1)  15 gal   163.00 

Native Ferns


Dryopteris arguta  Coastal Wood Fern   
An excellent evergreen drought tolerant fern. As tough as Sword Fern but prettier, brighter green, lacier, somewhat smaller and has a shorter down time in winter. 
(2)  1 gal   18.00 

Polypodium scouleri  Leather Fern   
Evergreen form of polypody fern, does not grow on soil but on rocks and tree branches in fog swept areas. 
(9)  1 gal   12.00 
(1)  2 gal   25.00 

Woodwardia fimbriata  Giant Chain Fern   
Beautiful, LARGE fern given adequate water. can take sun or shade. does not like to dry out. do not fertilize. Drought tolerant when established but occurs naturally in seeps.  
(1)  1 gal   14.00 

Native Ferns


Adiantum capillus-veneris x mairisii Green Wall  Mairis's Southern Maidenhair Fern Green Wall   
Green wall 2-1/2" deep wood frame by 18-1/2 x 48-1/2 wide made from 1x pine frame, 2" x 1/4" galvanized steel grid and black landscape felt with Adiantum capillus-veneris hybrid from England. A. capillus-veneris is a California native though this is a hybrid from European stock. There is also some Oxalis oregana Klamath Ruby 
(1)     250.00 

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